By locally sourcing the best value, quality meats and carefully preparing them to our own high standards we offer a range of produce we are proud of....



quality standard british beef

Locally sourced from local farmers and markets our beef is matured on the bone and carefully prepared for display. It carries the quality standard mark ensuring traceability and quality, so from freshly minced beef to succulent steaks, you can't buy better. 

Consumed as part of a balanced diet, lean red meat can make an important contribution to health and wellbeing throughout life by contributing a variety of nutrients to the diet which includes protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins, particularly vitamin B12.

  • ROASTING/POT ROAST - Chine or rib, sirloin, top rump, topside, silverside, brisket
  • FRY/GRILL - Fillet, sirloin, hipbone, ribeye steaks, mince
  • STEW/BRAISE - Chuck steak, crop, shin, diced


quality standard british lamb

The lamb we sell has been bought through local markets or sourced directly from local farmers Andrew Wright and Roger Swift. Reared on the Staffordshire countryside, new season spring lamb is the most natural free-range meat you can buy.

  • ROAST - Leg, shoulder, breast, shank, rack
  • FRY/GRILL - Chump steak, loin chops, cutlets
  • STEW - Neck, scrag, diced


pork chops on a table

Our pork is bought from local farms and prepared on the premises for retail. As well as being sold in the shop we also use it for making our sausages, pork pies and traditionally dry cured bacon.

A very versatile meat eaten both freshly cooked and preserved by the curing process. Ham, gammon, bacon and sausage are all cured pork products. Freshly cooked cuts of meat include chops, loin, tenderloin, belly draft, ribs and steak to name a few. Other pork products available include pigs liver, kidney or heart.

  • ROAST - Leg fillet, loin
  • SLOW ROAST - Shoulder, belly draft, spare rib, diced
  • FRY/GRILL - Loin chops, rib end, tenderloin


Seasonal Meats

Meat is at it's best seasonally, and different cuts of meats become more or less popular during the change of the four seasons. In the colder months beef & pork are naturally at their best as the animals naturally fatten up. during the warmer months of Spring & Summer Lamb is at it's sweetest. This maybe the reason behind the name spring lamb and spring chicken.

We source the best quality meats from local farmers and markets to ensure the best tasting meats arrive to your dinner table.